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All you need is a jump rope and your bodyweight for this high-intensity, body-changing workout.The Polyurethane rope is adjustable, tangle-resistant and comfortable on the grip.What is the best jump rope for fitness, exercise and workouts.

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Research has shown that jumping rope for 10 minutes is same as 30 minutes of running.

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The ultra speed ropes are perfect for double unders and speed.

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Jump Rope Games and Activities for Kids By Catherine Holecko.Crossrope is a company specializing exclusively in fitness jump ropes.

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More Boxing Guides How to Be Great, Part 2: Strengthen the Mind Boxing Mailbag.Burn 135 calories in just 10 minutes with this jump rope workout from Marty Winkler, cocreator of RopeSport workout DVDs ( ideal rope for introducing members to jump rope training.

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Jumping rope not only improves your cardiovascular system, it also improves total body muscle tone.

Hi. I always watch your youtube videos and i started doing warrior diet IF for 20:4 for like almost 2 weeks now.

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The jump rope can be a great cardio exercise if you know how to jump rope properly.In a Cardio Circuit: Use jumping jacks in a circuit, doing them for 30-60 seconds and alternating them with other cardio exercises such as marching, jogging, jumping rope, etc.

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It provides a completely friction free rotation, and great swivel action to give you the best training tempo possible.

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The best jump ropes are built to last, come with plenty of extras, include replacement parts, and are backed up with a lifetime warranty.The team at Fitness Master wanted to produce a speed rope that was fast, lightweight, and would help you achieve the maximum number of rotations.