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Silver nickels were made from 1942 through 1945 and have a large mintmark over the dome of Monticello on the reverse.The Jefferson Nickel was first struck by the U.S. Mint in 1938 and was a replacement for the buffalo nickel.

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They also contain precious metals like gold, silver and copper in many cases, making them more valuable than the price listed on the front of the coin.Nickel silver (also called German Silver) actually does not contain any silver -- it is a copper-nickel alloy.

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This collection includes one coin from each of the last three years of issue: 1936, 1937, and 1938.

Last year I wrote a post on pickling sterling silver with a mixture of vinegar and salt, a more eco-friendly alternative to pickling with Sparex.They had 35% silver due to wartime metal shortages and were only produced from 1942-1945.

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Here is the 2016 Most Valuable Silver Coins List if you want to take a look at last year.After 1870, most years saw low annual mintages for the three-cent nickel, and in 1890 Congress abolished it.Besides nickel, Vale mines copper, cobalt, platinum group metals, gold and silver in Sudbury.Times, Sunday Times (2007) Base metals such as aluminium, nickel and zinc have slumped by up to 49%.

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Jefferson nickels are made from planchets that are 75% copper and 25% nickel and weigh 5 grams.Your free daily news source for nickel, molybdenum, ferrochrome, chromium, iron ore and stainless steel market prices and news.

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Your last encore of these national treasures begins with Issue One, the 1930 Standing Liberty Silver Quarter.This nickel was used during wartime, from the years 1942-1945.The Canadian five-cent coin, commonly called a nickel, is a coin worth five cents or one-twentieth of a Canadian dollar.Circulating coins - penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, dollar - are the coins that the United States Mint produces for everyday transactions.

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Nickel prices, reflecting consumption, rose slightly from 1970 until 1975, when the cumulative effect of opening several new production facilities began to be felt.Indonesia experienced a massive jump in nickel production last year, with its output increasing from 199,000 MT in 2016 to 400,000 MT in 2017.

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The coins are usually a store of money or value in exchange for goods and services.A classic way to trick friend and foe alike, mastering your own little bit of fake alchemy by making this great fake gold out of nickels.

Coins are produced in proof and uncirculated finishes in a variety of options.Slightly different coloration: While you still should know what year nickels are Silver, the lustrous appearance of Silver nickels will help confirm their content.During this time, the Jefferson Nickel was minted with silver in order to preserve nickel for the war effort.It is a silvery-white lustrous metal with a slight golden tinge.

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From 1996 until 2011 all silver colored coins in normal mint sets were struck of silver but starting in 2012 they mint made them in both silver and nickel plated steel, with the only way to differentiate them is with a magnet which will not attract to the silver examples.The composition of U.S. coins has changed considerably over the past few decades.